Fast Traxx Schedule 2023

April 22-23 GP-SX-GP Season Opener Mega Event [APRIL 23 RESULTS]
April 22 SX Season Opener [RESULTS]
May 13-14 GP-GP Hometown Hero Mega Event [RESULTS]
May 13 Hometown Hero SX [RESULTS]
June 10-11 GP-GP [RESULTS]
June 10 MX [GROUP 1] [GROUP 2]
June 20 Pickaway Co. Fair SX [RESULTS]
June 30 Rumble Friday SX [RESULTS]
July 1 Rumble Saturday SX [RESULTS]
June 30- July 2 GP-GP Rumble by the River Mega Event [RESULTS]
July 10 Adams Co. Fair SX [RESULTS]
July 13 Madison Co. Fair SX [RESULTS]
July 18 Perry Co. Fair SX [GROUP 1 RESULTS] [GROUP 2 RESULTS]
July 21 Jackson Co. Fair SX [RESULTS]
July 24 Knox Co. Fair SX [GROUP 1 RESULTS] [GROUP 2 RESULTS]
July 25 Vinton Co. Fair SX [RESULTS]
July 27 Vinton Co. Fair SX (Day Two) [RESULTS]
July 31 Medina Co. Fair SX [GROUP 1 RESULTS] [GROUP 2 RESULTS]
Aug 2 Pike Co. Fair SX [RESULTS]
Aug 7 Scioto Co. Fair SX [RESULTS]
Aug 8 Athens Co. Fair SX [RESULTS]
Aug 11-13 SX-GP-GP Annual Luau Mega Event [SX RESULTS] [GP RESULTS]
Aug 16 Meigs Co. Fair SX [RESULTS]
Aug 18 Doddridge Co. Fair SX [RESULTS]
Sept 2-3 GP-GP [RESULTS]
Sept 13 Hocking County Fair SX [RESULTS]
Sept 21 Albany Fair SX [RESULTS]
Sept 22 SX [RESULTS]
Sept 23-24 Team GP Weekend (Saturday Bikes, Sunday ATV)
Oct 14-15 GP-SX-GP Domestic Violence Awareness Event [RESULTS]
Oct 28 GP Fright Fest Mega Event [RESULTS]
Nov 11-12 Final Fall GP Weekend [RESULTS]
TBA Battle in the Barn 2023-2024
All events with the exception of the team event pay super series points. We are once again running both GP and MX Southeastern Ohio Super Series. Riders need a minimum of 14 GP events or 14 SX or MX events to qualify for year end awards. No AMA or membership cards required. Children 4 & under and all guests with a military ID free admission.


2022-2023 Battle in the Barn Results

December 2 (RESULTS)
December 3 (RESULTS)
January 6 (RESULTS)
January 7 (RESULTS)
February 3 (RESULTS)
February 4 (RESULTS)
February 17 (RESULTS)
February 18 (RESULTS)

Fast Traxx Results 2022

April 23-24 RESULTS: GP-GP Season Opener *
April 23 RESULTS: SX Season Opener
May 14-15 RESULTS: GP-GP Hometown Hero *
May 14 RESULTS: SX Hometown Hero
June 11-12 GP-SX-GP
June 21 RESULTS: Pickaway County Fair MX
July 1 RESULTS: Friday SX
July 2 RESULTS: Saturday SX
July 2-3 RESULTS: GP-GP Rumble by the River *
July 11 RESULTS: Adams County Fair MX
July 14 RESULTS: Madison County Fair MX
July 19 RESULTS: Perry County Fair MX
July 22 RESULTS: Jackson Country Fair MX
July 23 SX
July 23-24 RESULTS: GP-GP
July 28 RESULTS: Vinton County Fair MX
Aug 1 RESULTS: Medina County Fair MX
Aug 3 RESULTS: Pike County Fair MX
Aug 8 RESULTS: Scioto County Fair MX
Aug 12-14 RESULTS: SX-GP-GP Luau Weekend *
Aug 9 RESULTS: Athens County Fair MX
Aug 11 RESULTS: Hartford Fair MX
Aug 12 RESULTS: Friday Night Luau
Aug 188 RESULTS: Meigs County MX
Aug 19 RESULTS: Doddridge Fair MX
Aug 27 RESULTS: Jackson County Summer Fun MX
Sep 3-4 RESULTS: GP-SX-GP Retro Weekend *
Sep 7 RESULTS: Albany Independent Fair MX
Sep 8 RESULTS: Morgan Co. Fair MX
Sep 13 RESULTS: Guernsey Co. Fair MX
Sep 14 RESULTS: Hocking Co. Fair MX
Sep 16-18 SX and Team GP Weekend *
Oct 1-2 RESULTS: GP-SX-GP Domestic Violence Awareness Weekend *
Oct 15-16 RESULTS: SX-GP-GP Fright Fest *
Nov 5-6 RESULTS: GP-GP Final Fall Weekend *

2022 Winter Series

2021 / 2022 KENDA TIRE WINTER MX Points Standings


Latest Results

Oct 14-15 GP-GP Domestic Violence Awareness Event [RESULTS]
Oct 28 GP Fright Fest Mega Event [RESULTS]
Nov 11-12 Final Fall GP Weekend [RESULTS]