Fast Traxx Schedule 2019

April 20-21 GP-GP *UTV (Results) Season Opener Mega Weekend
April 20 SX (Results)  
April 27 Hocking Co. Spring MX  
May 11-12 GP-GP (Results)  
May 11 SX (Results)  
June 1 Vinton Co. Spring MX (Results)  
June 8-9 GP-GP *UTV (Results)  
June 8 SX (Results)  
June 15 Jackson Co. Spring MX (Results)  
June 19 Pickaway Co. Fair MX (Results)  
July 5-7 GP-GP *UTV (Results) Rumble by the River Mega Event Weekend
July 5 SX (Results)  
July 6 SX (Results)  
July 8 Montgomery Co. Fair MX (Results)  
July 9 Adams Co. Fair MX (Results)  
July 11 Madison Co. Fair MX (Results)  
July 16 Perry Co. Fair MX (Results)  
July 19 Jackson Co. Fair MX (Results)  
July 25 Vinton Co. Fair MX (Results)  
July 27-28 GP-GP (Results)  
July 27 SX (Results)  
July 30 Medina Co. Fair MX (Results)  
Aug 8 Hartford Fair MX (Results)  
Aug 15 Meigs Co. Justin Hill Memorial MX (Results)  
Aug 16 SX (Results) Annual Luau Mega Event Weekend
Aug 17-18 SX-GP-GP *UTV (Results) Annual Luau Mega Event Weekend
Aug 23 Doddridge Co. Fair MX (Results)  
Sept 2 Washington Co. Fair MX(Results)  
Sept 7 SX (Results)  
Sept 7-8 GP-SX-GP *UTV (Results)  
Sept 11 Hocking Co. Fair MX (Results)  
Sept 13 Guernsey Co. Fair MX (Results)  
Sept 14 Vinton County Fall SX  
Sept 18 Delaware Co. Fair MX (Results)  
Sept 20 SX (Results)  
Sept 21-22 Team GP Weekend (Results) Saturday Bikes Sunday ATV
Oct 18-20 SX-GP-GP *UTV (Results) Fright Fest Mega Event Weekend
Nov 18 SX (Results)  
Nov 16-17 Final Fall GP Weekend (Results)  
TBA Battle in the Barn 2019-2020 Dates TBA  
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All events with the exception of the team event pay super sries points. We are once again running both GP and MX Southeastern Ohio Super Series. Riders need a minimim of 12 GP events or 14 SX or MX events to qualify for year end awards. No AMA or membership cards required. Children 4 and under and all guests with a military ID free admission.


Proud to Support Our Troops

All our guests with a Mil ID are always admitted and ride free